Boys of the 70s from the Simon Manchester Collection

Post date: 09-Jul-2017 01:14:25

Richard Stratton (born 1970), Paul Maseyk (born 1974) and Andy Kingston (born 1979) are three of the most exiting potters today. Their work is vessel-based but really objects are vessels of expression of their ideas and utility is total inconsequential. Their pieces are more at home in the art gallery than the craft shop.

At the moment many practitioners in clay are concerned little with techniques and craftsmanship but these three, because they were all academically trained, have taken the techniques they require to produce their work and honed them to a high degree.

I hope you are as excited by this exhibition as I am and my gratitude goes to Simon for lending this stunning collection. Sharing such a wonderful group or works for an extended period is extremely generous.

Rick Rudd