Bronwynne Cornish

Post date: 11-Dec-2017 03:56:46

I've known Bronwynne since the later 1970s. In 1978 we were included in Four Approaches to Ceramics with Rosemarie Brittain (now McClay) and John Parker at Peter Webb Galleries in Auckland.

In 1981 I bought Corona Corona, the typewriter she made as part of an exhibition at Albany Village Pottery, where everything was displayed in aquaria, complete with fish. It's now part of my New Zealand historical collection and one of my earliest ceramic purchases.

In 1988 we were 2 of 13 participants in the first (and only) New Zealand Ceramics Symposium in Dunedin. The participants spent three weeks together working intensively, getting to know each other and discussing ceramics, the meaning of life and everything in between. That time together created a group of p[otters with long lasting friendships.

Bronwynne was born in Wellington in 1945. She was introduced to clay in 1964 and her mentor was Helen Mason. Her life partner is the artist Denys Watkins and they have two daughters Rachael and Esther.

For many years Bronwynne has been, and continues to be, a very individual personality on the studio ceramics scene. She has made sculptures and installations incorporating anything from frogs to household objects, temples and figures, many referencing historical imagery and ancient culture, but all expressed in her highly personal way.

Now it's my pleasure to present an exhibition of Bronwynne's work, which she has curated for Quartz. Her work has been iconic from the 1970s through to today and I'm grateful to her for assembling such a wonderful collection.

Rick Rudd