Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

Post date: 05-Nov-2018 22:07:35

25 Sep 2018 to 31 Mar 2019

Quartz Museum of Studio Ceramics

8 Bates Street

Whanganui 4500

Some more images of exhibition to show the range of styles, techniques, aesthetics and other aspects of working in clay. All work in the exhibition is for sale.

Left: Takaaki Sakaguchi, Christchurch. Kokoro, Stoneware, 120 x 140 x 140

Right: Ye-Bin Lee, Auckland, A Friendly Intrusion, stoneware, glass, mirrors, glitter & resin, 530 x 570 x 560

Elise Johnston, Dunedin,. Trickling Down, mid-fire porcelain, 270 x 260 x 260

Angela Tier, Whanganui, Moa, stoneware, 900 x 150 x 150