Ann NcNamara

Ann's Choice

Selected Works from the McNamara Collection

The reasons I have chosen to collect particular pieces of pottery over the years are varied and therefore to choose some favourites has been a challenge.

Collecting pottery began in the 1970s and the collection has been reshaped over time.  I respond to the tactile nature of pottery and imagine I can sense the satisfaction/joy the potter felt in making piece.

Domestic wares have a practical use of course and they are pleasing to look at.  Those with whimsical decorative features are a delight.  Other pottery reminds me of the natural world, land and sea, and the decorations on some pots are colourful and appealing.  The simple clean design of some is stunning, whether they are hand potted or commercial.

All pots in our collection have happy memories of the time when they were collected and it has been an enjoyable experience reflecting on those times.

Ann McNamara