Current Exhibitions

Warren Tippett - Two Lives

Two Lives

Warren Tippett

May to August 2023

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Evelyn Kelly - In Focus

Evelyn Kelly

In Focus

July to December 2023

Current Installation

Abjectified by Nadine Spalter

2022 - 2023 Annual Installation

Nadine Spalter – Abjectified

November 2022 - October 2023

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Yvonne Rust - Maverick Spirit

Yvonne Rust

Maverick Spirit

September to December 2023

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award 2024

The next Rick Rudd Foundation Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award will take place in October 2024.  Entries will need to be submitted by June 2024. Entry forms will be available here from approx. January 2024.


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