Personal Best

Works from members of Whanganui Potters Society

When I was asked by a member of Wanganui Potters Society if they could have an exhibition at Quartz, the decision was easy.

The Society has been part of the arts scene in Whanganui for many years and has served as a social, educational and workshop facility for beginners through to experienced potters.  Since the demise of the pottery department at UCOL it has been the only place for people without their own studio to learn and work with clay.

Personal Best is an exhibition open to all members of the Society and unselected in order to show one work which each member considers to be a favourite or personal best piece.  As the work does not have to be for sale it can be a prized treasure from the past.  There are also a few works being shown made by some deceased members.

In recent years there has been a renewed interest in studio ceramics and Wanganui Potters Society continues to offer classes for those wishing to experience working with clay.

Rick Rudd