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posted 12 May 2019, 22:01 by Rick Rudd   [ updated 13 May 2019, 00:06 ]

Paul Rayner

Paul Rayner was born in Luton, UK in 1959 and came to New Zealand when
his family immigrated in 1973.

He began his working career at Radio New Zealand in 1977 and first moved
to Whanganui in 1979 as a commercial writer for the 2ZW radio station.

He began working at the Sarjeant Gallery in 1980 and in 1985 left to attend
Auckland University, graduating with a BFA (Painting) in 1989. He returned to
the Sarjeant Gallery, but left again in 1994 to join the Museum of New
Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington as an Art Educator. He returned to
the Sarjeant as Senior Curator in 1998, a position he held for eight years.

In the 1990s Paul had several solo exhibition of his paintings. He began
working with clay in 2000, taking it more seriously from 2004 and now has
ceramic works included in the collections of Te Papa, The Dowse Art
Museum, the Sarjeant Gallery, the Wallace Arts Trust and Quartz, Museum of
Studio Ceramics.

In 2007 Paul and his brother, Mark opened Rayner Brothers Gallery. I've
known Paul since the late 1980s and I was the first invited solo exhibitor at
their Gallery

Paul has been a trustee of the Rick Rudd Foundation since it was formed in

This is the first survey of Paul's ceramic works and marks the celebration of
his 60 th birthday. It focuses on self portraits, celebrity and popular culture
imagery for which he has gained a reputation.

I am grateful to Paul and the other lenders who have made this exhibition

Rick Rudd

In the Shadow of the Mountain

posted 12 May 2019, 21:47 by Rick Rudd   [ updated 12 May 2019, 21:48 ]

Lynn & Mike Spencer

Lynn was born in Alberta, Canada in 1943 and Mike in Stanmore, England in 1942.

They met on the shores of Lake Victoria while teaching at a High School in Kenya.  Lynn was trained in genetics and Mike in English literature.

They began working with clay in Montreal, Canada in the late 1960s and came to New Zealand in 1971, setting up as full time potters in 1973.  

They fired their work in diesel kilns until 1983 when they built a two-chambered wood-fired kiln because they enjoyed the effects of flame and ash on their work.  They salt glazed and also used traditionally inspired Japanese glazes.  These firings took from 26 to 30 hours and because of the physical nature the last wood firing was held in 2006.

Since 2006 Lynn and Mike have worked with white stoneware and porcelain clays fired in an electric kiln, which has produced brighter and more intense colours.

Neither Lynn nor Mike have had formal arts training.  They have learned through books and trial and error.  Their thrown, press-molded and hand built kitchen and tablewares have developed into distinctive styles over the years.
Their work has remained functional and is meant to be used rather than made just to be looked at.

Lynn and Mike have lived in the shadow of Mount Taranaki on a four hectare property at Okato for 47 years.  They have created an extensive garden and developed two acres of bush bounded by the Stony River.  Their home is the property's original villa built in 1904.

I'm grateful to Lynn and Mike for organizing this collection of their works which are iconic in Taranaki.  It is a sample of their over 50 year involvement with clay.

Rick Rudd

Diesel Fired Works
by Lynn
1973 - 1983

Diesel Fired Works
by Mike
1973 - 1983

Wood Fired Works
by Lynn
1983 - 2006
Wood Fired Works
by Mike
1983 -2006

Electric Fired Works
by Lynn
2006 -

Electric Fired Works
by Mike
2006 -

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

posted 17 Feb 2019, 21:38 by Rick Rudd


Left: Jack Tilson, Auckland, Eight Petal Dish, Stoneware, 115 x 310 x 300
Right: Janna van Hassett, Christchurch, Oblique, Earthenware and enamel paint on silver beech, 280 x 270 x 480


Left: Nicola Dench Wellington, Walking The Dog, Porcelain, 110 x 75 x 75
Right: Jane Elizabeth, Lower Hutt, Scandi Bowl, Stoneware, 140 x 220 x 220


Left: Jo Galvin-Martinemgo, Auckland, Sleeping Site, Bisqued recycled clay, 290 x 150 x 150
Right: Beth Honore, Wellington, Subconscious, Stoneware, 440 x 400 x 500

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

posted 17 Feb 2019, 20:20 by Rick Rudd


Left: Julie Ross, Christchurch, Biomorphic Bunny After Arp, Porcelain, 330 x 160 x 130
Right: Nicola Shanley, Lyttelton, Green Folds, Porcelain, 410 x 300 x 270


Left: Grace Sharp, Wellington, In The Garden, Stoneware, 330 x 190 x 180
Right: Sylvia Sinel, Hamilton, A Measurement Of Time II, Earthenware, 610 x 280 x 280

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

posted 17 Feb 2019, 20:13 by Rick Rudd

Left: Maia Robin McDonald, New Plymouth, Ko Wai Tatou? (Who Are We?), Earthenware, 250 x 260 x 140
Right: Jane Kennington, Whanganui, Weed Pots, Stoneware, 125 x 50 x 50


Left: Jacqui Overton, Christchurch, Geometric Contrast, Porcelain and Stoneware, 140 x 130 x 110
Right: Paul Pachter, Auckland, Forest Light On Waterfall, Stoneware, 430 x 105 105


Left: Bridgit Day, Waiheke Island, Fecundity Trio, Stoneware, 370 x 200 x 150
Right: Sung Hwan Bobby Park, Auckland, Dug Up John, Earthenware, rivets and recycled rubber and wire, 710 x 500 x 200

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

posted 17 Feb 2019, 19:51 by Rick Rudd   [ updated 17 Feb 2019, 20:01 ]


Left: Karin Amdal, Wellington, Untitled, Stoneware, 200 x 210 x 170
Right: Naomi Allan, Auckland, Taste The Tea, Porcelain, 160 x 225 x 140


Left: Cammine Blaisdell, Nelson, Luna And Terra, Earthenware, 140 x 245 x 100
Right: Elise Bishop, Aotea (Great Barrier Island), Oospore, Stoneware, 250 x 150 x 150


Left: Susan Christie, Auckland, The Theater Of Clay, Earthenware, Wooden shelf and painted backdrop, 350 x 360 x 110
Right: Richard Darbyshire, Whangarei, Le Petite Mort, Stoneware, 250 x 170 x 170

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

posted 5 Nov 2018, 14:07 by Rick Rudd   [ updated 5 Nov 2018, 14:15 ]

25 Sep 2018 to 31 Mar 2019
Quartz Museum of Studio Ceramics
8 Bates Street
Whanganui 4500

Some more images of exhibition to show the range of styles, techniques, aesthetics and other aspects of working in clay. All work in the exhibition is for sale.

Left: Takaaki Sakaguchi, Christchurch. Kokoro, Stoneware, 120 x 140 x 140
Right: Ye-Bin Lee, Auckland, A Friendly Intrusion, stoneware, glass, mirrors, glitter & resin, 530 x 570 x 560

Elise Johnston, Dunedin,. Trickling Down, mid-fire porcelain, 270 x 260 x 260

Angela Tier, Whanganui, Moa, stoneware, 900 x 150 x 150

The Rick Rudd Foundation Annual Installation 2018/2019

posted 5 Nov 2018, 13:50 by Rick Rudd

Lux & Flux bKate McIntyre

This installation explores concepts of transience and impermanence.  I'm interested in capturing subtle changes and cyclic events that occur in the natural environment over time, such as tidal movements over the course of a day or a lunar cycle.  

The carvings on the vessels are inspired by patterns left in the sand from an outgoing tide, or those created by the wind; exploring the temporal nature of these landscapes.  

The installation also seeks to capture diurnal patterns, by fixing the movement of light and shadow that would naturally occur throughout the day, to just one moment in time.

Kate McIntyre was born in 1982 in Upper Moutere, near Nelson.  

In 2004 she gained a certificate in Art and Design at Weltec, Wellington and has been working with clay since completing a Bachelor of Design at Unitec, Auckland in 2009, majoring in Object Design. 

Kate has had residencies at the European Ceramic Work Centre, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands (2015) and the Auckland Studio Potters (2016).  She has sold her work in Australia and has exhibited in selected exhibitions in New Zealand, including the Portage Ceramic Awards and Waiclay National Ceramics Award in 2016.  

She was the Rick Rudd Foundation First Time Exhibitor Award winner at the 2016 Auckland Studio Potters Exhibition and in 2017 co-founded Kaolin, an online ceramics store.

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award, Exhibition Catalogue

posted 24 Sep 2018, 22:46 by Rick Rudd   [ updated 25 Sep 2018, 00:18 ]

A full colour, 24-page catalogue, all work illustrated. $8.00 including postage, Please make payments to Rick Rudd Foundation bank account (shown under the Donation section on the left) and put your phone number in the reference field and your initial and surname into the Reference filed. Then please email with your name, phone number on the transaction and postal address.

The Foundation is grateful to the Whanganui District Council for the support in the production of the catalogue.

Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award Exhibition

posted 24 Sep 2018, 22:33 by Rick Rudd   [ updated 25 Sep 2018, 00:17 ]

25 Sep 2018 to 31 Mar 2019
Quartz Museum of Studio Ceramics
8 Bates Street
Whanganui 4500

Some representative images of exhibition to show the range of styles, techniques, aesthetics and other aspects of working in clay. All work in the exhibition is for sale, although the award winning work has been acquired for the Foundation's collection.


Left: Sam Duckor-Jones, Featherston, My Beautiful Laundry Basket, stoneware, enamel, paint & faux fur blanket, 960 x 500 x 410
Right: Nina Chechelashvili, Auckland, Petrified Lemon Vase, stoneware 150 x 160 x 90

Left: Lynda Wilson, Hamilton, Square Cut, earthenware 140 x 50 x 2100
Right: Keaton Hamilton, Auckland, Heart Between Our Hands, unfired earthenware clay

Left: Mandy Gargiulo, Nelson, Starfish, porcelain 110 x 280 x 280
Right: Keil Cas, Wellington, Communitea, stoneware 200 x 330 x 200

Right: Maak Bow, Auckland, Scent Of A Women, stoneware and earthenware 310 460 x 160
Left: Samuel Montgomery, Auckland, No Restrictions, earthenware, bitumen & American Oak, 150 x 80 x 80

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